The easiest break-up ever.

It was bound to happen, the break-up that is.  Our relationship was tenuous at the beginning.  I simply wasn’t sure I liked you that much.  Then you became a habit.  It was just something I always did.  Soon enough I realized my feelings for you had grown.  I started to make time for you.  I wanted to know everything that was going on.  This went on for a couple of years.  Then rumors of a pending end started to swirl.  I ignored the early ones, figured it was a transitional phase and we could make it through no problem.  Then I noticed that there was something missing.  All of a sudden, I didn’t miss you when you weren’t around.  I had little interest in reliving our past fun.  I was starting to be over it.  Perhaps this was a subconscious response to my fear of the end….or maybe it was simply how this was all supposed to end.  Then it came, I didn’t even bother making time for what would be our last time together.  It was obvious that neither of us cared anymore.  We had some good times, nothing horrible ever happened, we were just done with each other.  Running into you last night was interesting.  I realized that I didn’t miss you at all.  It was over…and we were both fine with it.  It was the easiest break-up ever.  I will forever remember the good times, but as it stands, The Gilmore Girls are a thing of my past.  Rory and Lorelei can move on in their strange little town and I will move on in my strange little  life and perhaps sometime our paths will cross on a rainy afternoon on ABC Family or something.  It will be nice to see you, but I don’t anticipate actively seeking you out.  We have closure. It’s over.  Move on…..

 I was asked to blog abut chairdancing and I simply cannot do that.  The person who asked me to do this knows why I cannot and hopefully they understand.

3 thoughts on “The easiest break-up ever.

  1. damn it damn it damn it, I read the punchline first, cause I’m impatient and I hate secrets. Damn.

    But so cute 🙂

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