Happy Roll!!!!!

Finally tried Samurai Sushi last night.  I’ve been told to go there for a long time and never did.  It is right across from trivia and while we tend to get sushi before trivia, we’ve never gone there.  Well, I’m pretty sure we’re going back!  I would go back right now and make myself ill on the Happy Roll, given the chance.

The Happy Roll is tempura shrimp, cream cheese, rice and something I can’t recall wrapped in soy paper and topped with the thinnest slices of strawberries and peanuts…..IT IS DELICIOUS!  Next time I will try the famous Choo Choo roll and I’m pretty sure I won’t be disappointed.

After my Happy Roll we went over to trivia and who is there but my favorite fuzzy friend! (Fuzzy friend: noun; a cute boy with a beard.  Not to be confused with Furry Friends, which are my pets!)  I think I pulled a muscle in my cheeks from smiling so hard when I saw him.  I grabbed him and hugged him like my life depended on it…and at that point it might have.  Good times!  Then we won trivia…it was a good start to the week.


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