“Meat and three” indeed!

Had lunch at the meat and three where my Dad eat all the time today.  They had fried chicken–SCORE!  The sweet tea was the perfect level of sweetness.  SCORE!  The mac & cheese was extra cheesy. SCORE!  Wanna know what the biggest score of all was?????  My redneck crush was our waiter. WOO HOO—the crowd goes wild!!!

He’s not super redneck, just a tad country.  He reminds me of many of the boys I have met from the small Tennessee towns.  I’m sure he owns something camouflage, can drive a tractor with ease, builds campfires and listens to either metal or hip hop (or a bit of both).  But dang it….he’s CUTE!  Nice brown hair, big blue eyes, a deep voice that made my tummy tingle and took dang good care of us.


 I made sure my Dad tipped him well and if next time I go in there he is our waiter again AND they have corn nuggets, I may melt into a puddle of happiness right there.


4 thoughts on ““Meat and three” indeed!

  1. Corn nuggets are proof that the universe loves us 🙂 They are also kind of like tater tots–but made with corn and cornmeal instead of taters. They ROCK!

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