My Dad is the coolest dork ever!

My Dad is not your average Dad. This is a fact I am made very aware of this time of year when there are all the Father’s Day sales and there is not a damn thing in there that he would be interested in. No certificates for studio time to record music, no women that will both challenge him and enjoy his company, no perfect hair cuts, no opportunities to play a round of golf with John Prine, Tom Russell and Bob Dylan. None of these things. So usually I go with an ‘event gift’ and make him dinner or something. One year we went to the Cubs/Yankees Game at Wrigley Field. The next year we actually spent Father’s Day in NYC where he took me and his wife at the time to see Madonna at Madison Square Garden. We even had 7th row seats to see the Yankees play the Cubs at Yankee Stadium…which was pretty dang cool. This year it’s sweet seats to see Our Nashville Sounds at their rundown stadium and I will buy him all the hot dogs, ice cream, peanuts, etc…he can eat (which is considerable!) and we will have a wonderful time!

All that is to give you an idea of what type of fella my Dad is. Another example is something that happened tonight at dinner. We’re at Las Palmas (where he would eat every meal if he could and where he has FINALLY made friends with one of the waitresses and she brings him more horchata before he even asks) when 3 fellas who were OBVIOUSLY musicians walked in. I say obviously because they were all incredibly skinny, wearing girl’s jeans and had perfectly disheveled hair and LOTS of tattoos. We happened to be at the cash register at the same time as them and my Dad asked me if he should “show them his ink?” My Dad has wanted a tattoo as long as I can remember. He even encouraged me to get mine. He was very close to getting one when he had a horrible dream about it taking over his body or some such crap and had issues about it ever since…until he met his most recent ex-wife (which makes him sound like a gigolo, but that was his second wife in all his 65 years and there was a 28 year break between them) So, she had a tattoo, kind of. She had a happy face tattooed on her index finger. It was basically two dots and a smile. When they got married he decided to get this same tattoo. He thought he was all cool, said it didn’t hurt at all and basically thought he was bad ass. This was for about a week and then the tattoo started to disappear because they hadn’t done it deep enough (hence the lack of pain) and he was eventually left with a single dot. I have more ink on my hands any given day I’m at work (damn cheap pens) but he was still proud. So he goes up to one of these fellas (the cutest one as far as I was concerned) and showed him his “ink.” It was one of those situations where the guy was taken totally aback by this older fella with short cropped grey hair in cargo shorts and a Costa Rica t-shirt is just going up to Senior Badass and talking to him (I love those situations!) The guy looked really close, my Dad gave him the short version of the story and the guy smiled and laughed. My Dad then showed it to the second guy and he was all into the story, etc…

It is times like this that remind me that my Dad is the coolest dork ever and just because I can’t buy him tools or find a card that works for Father’s Day….I’m still damn lucky he’s my Dad.


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