Dehydration is imminent

We had a bit of an issue in the office yesterday.  Apparently the sewer line backed up into the water lines.  Infiltrating the ice maker, the refrigerator and God knows what else.  The upstairs bathrooms (which are right across from my office) were rendered out of order.  It was chaos.  Stinky, horrible, smelly, gross chaos.

The smell is gone now….but the results linger.  The bathrooms are back working….but there is great fear of the water supply.  No one is touching the ice maker.  People are putting their coffee in the microwave in hopes of killing anything that might be looming. We’re all a little on edge.

Now the thrist is attacking me.  I didn’t even think to bring water.  Or even a Fresca.  It looks like I will be taking a trip to the vending machine in hopes that the Diet Dr Pepper (the answer to one of the FEW trivia questions we got right last night) will quench my thirst until I can get to the Puffy Muffin and make myself sick on Ginger Tea.

Thank God it’s Friday…….


2 thoughts on “Dehydration is imminent

  1. “Apparently the sewer line backed up into the water lines.”

    I didn’t even know that could happen!!!!! That scares me.

  2. I didn’t know it could happen either. It terrifies me. I now have a case of water in my office and we’re buying a fridge for our department. YUCK YUCK YUCK!

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