Boys, boys, boys, boys, boys, dog, cats, boys, work, boys, boys……

It’s that time of the month again.  Not THAT time, but the time of the month where I have the hormonal load of a 14 year old boy.  That third row of pills in my bc pack should just be green m&ms for the effect they have on me.  Each venture out of my door means the possibility I might run into a cute boy and jump his bones.

Luckily I have SOME control over myself, although it just might be low self-esteem.  Wait, if I had REALLY low self-esteem I would be sleeping with anyone and everyone, so I at least still have some morals….phew!

This warm weather doesn’t help.  Boys are busting out the baggy shorts and cute t-shirts and are all tan and such.  More random skin is on the streets then usual.  It’s rough…..but I like it. 

Took Noodle to the dog park the other day and think it will make for good boy watching this weekend.  As a friend said, a guy with a dog shows responsibility 🙂  And to watch a boy run around and play with his dog, or pet my needy little guy would melt my heart, in a good way.

I’ve even developed a crush on the redneck boy at the meat & three my Dad and I go to lunch at.  Yeah–that’s healthy.  I’m telling you…the cute boys are everywhere and I have my eye on every last, single, tattooed, beard-having, camo short wearing, indie rock listening, beer drinking one.

Consider yourselves warned.


2 thoughts on “Boys, boys, boys, boys, boys, dog, cats, boys, work, boys, boys……

  1. You’re preaching to the choir sister. One of my friends told me this and now I am telling you the same thing: Your body is telling you that you need to breed. Embrace it. But just don’t forget the birth control. Women’s liberation rocks!!

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