Flat Top Black Velvet

So, Ear Injury discovered a lovely drink a few months ago called a Black Velvet (or more accurately a Poor Man’s Black Velvet, the “real” one replaces cider with Champagne) which is hard cider and Guinness.  It is a LOVELY LOVELY thing.  The idea of it is to have there be an equal amount of cider and Guinness.

Well, here’s one for the bartender hall of fame—the Flat Top Black Velvet. 

Flat Top Black Velvet

Perhaps it’s a nod to our troops?  A result of a slow Guinness tap?  Someone who thinks that a girl can’t handle Guinness?  Insanity?  Whatever it is…..it made us giggle.

 Giggling is good!


2 thoughts on “Flat Top Black Velvet

  1. Didn’t Lenny Kravitz have a song called Black Velvet? Wait, that was Black Velveteen. Despite the numerous Lenny Kravitz hair styles I don’t believe he ever had a flat top.

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