Nashville Top 40 Radio is SCARY!

Started listening to the river at about 11:30, since then I have heard:

5 Nickleback songs (well, I THINK they were Nickelback and it might have only been 2 songs, but played multiple times)

The new Hinder song 3 times….I think my radio actually started emminating the odor of feces with that one.

Some song by The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus like 4 times……sure, it might be some sort of youngster anti-domestic violence thing, but it still sucks.  Plus, Martina McBride will kick your ass if you go into her territory.

Summer Love by JT 3 times…love the song, but really?

Goes Around, Comes Around by JT 2 times.  Again?  And in light of the previous note.

Glamorous LIfe by Fergie, 5 times. Too much of a good thing can make it a bad thing.  Like meth. Well, meth isn’t good, but I was alluding to Ms. Ferguson’s previous troubles.

Fergie-liscious by Fergie, 2 times.  Ok, previously I mentioned being happy to be able to hear her and JT–but this is just silly.

Countless times: commercials for the “little black dress party” which sounds horrible.  Although it is sponsored by Pink vodka and I’m excited to know that’s coming to town.


2 thoughts on “Nashville Top 40 Radio is SCARY!

  1. The ipod is back at the office and all is well. Can’t stream radio at work…..but that which does not kill us makes us stronger!

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