I wish that I WAS Jessie’s girl!

So, left the iPod at home today–whoops!—and since a silent office isn’t an option, I busted out the clock radio.  The only station that comes in is Jack-FM….which will annoy me by the end of the day, but at least it won’t be silent.

Jessie’s Girl by Rick Springfield just came on and while it is enough that the song ROCKS, even after ALL these years…I have started listening to it a little differently.  First off, who wouldn’t want Rick Springfield to be warm for your form?  He’s STILL hot hot hot! Sure, he’s after his buddy’s woman, but maybe this Jessie fella isn’t so good.  Secondly, I think this song represents a very typical situation.  Once a guy’s buddy has some killer lady in his life, she becomes the benchmark that all other women are compared to.  This is why–hint to the ladies–when you start dating someone and you meet their buddy’s and their buddy’s girlfriends, be mega-nice to them and take notes on how they act.  You are being compared….it’s a fact of life!  Third, who doesn’t like the idea of someone liking you from afar???

 I heard the cutest interview on NPR this morning with a woman who was going to her 70th high school reunion. She was a spry old lady and was delightful to listen to.  She talked about walking behind a boy in 8th grade and telling her friend she would marry him….and she did!  She used the word “scads”–a word my grandma is quite fond of.  It was very life affirming and made me glad I didn’t have a 15th reunion to deal with 🙂


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