blogette 6

I saw it first on yewknee and then Nashville Cream mentioned it, so now I must mention it.  It’s a new site called Last Night’s Shoes and it is so intriguing!  I want to write short stories about what those shoes have been doing.  I want to meet the people who are wearing those shoes.  I want to go sit by my pool.   But I digress.

That is all. Nothing more to see here. Move along.

blogette 5

In an email conversation with a friend about tattoos, the topic of my current boy obsession came up (this always happens). I commented that I don’t think The Player to be Named Later has any tattoos and said it was probably because he had designed so many cool ones that he couldn’t decide…..or that he didn’t want to mark up his hot bod. My friend responded with “Maybe he’s a pansie!” I said that was cute….she wasn’t surprised I thought that was cute.

Here was my actual response:

beyond killing my pets or flicking a booger at me, I pretty much think anything he would do would strike me as cute.

oh–he can’t poop on my floor either.

Yep—I’m sick.

That is all. Nothing more to see here. Move along.

blogette 4

I am really digging the new Arcade Fire CD.  “Keep the Car Running” is currently on the iPod and the repetitive back beat is awesome!

It kind of reminds me of some of the obscure British music I used to be in to in High School…..much more approachable then people give it credit for.  That’s ok, it makes me feel that much cooler.

That is all. Nothing more to see here. Move along.

The Long Way

While lamenting the fact that I am a thirty something single gal to a friend of mine, she said that I was just not rushing into anything, that I was taking the long way around.  That reminded me of the song by the Dixie Chicks by the same name.  Below are the lyrics.  Sure I’ve not done a lot of the things talked about, but I’d go toe to toe with Toby Keith any day and I’ve for sure taken the long way around many things. But life is about the journey, not the destination…right?

The Long Way Around by Dixie Chicks

My friends from high school
Married their high school boyfriends
Moved into houses in the same ZIP codes
Where their parents live

But I, I could never follow
No I, I could never follow

I hit the highway in a pink RV with stars on the ceiling
Lived like a gypsy
Six strong hands on the steering wheel

I’ve been a long time gone now
Maybe someday, someday I’m gonna settle down
But I’ve always found my way somehow

By taking the long way
Taking the long way around
Taking the long way
Taking the long way around

I met the queen of whatever
Drank with the Irish and smoked with the hippies
Moved with the shakers
Wouldn’t kiss all the asses that they told me to

No I, I could never follow
No I, I could never follow

It’s been two long years now
Since the top of the world came crashing down
And I’m getting’ it back on the road now

But I’m taking the long way
Taking the long way around
I’m taking the long way
Taking the long way around
The long
The long way around

Well, I fought with a stranger and I met myself
I opened my mouth and I heard myself
It can get pretty lonely when you show yourself
Guess I could have made it easier on myself

But I, I could never follow
No I, I could never follow

Well, I never seem to do it like anybody else
Maybe someday, someday I’m gonna settle down
If you ever want to find me I can still be found

Taking the long way
Taking the long way around
Taking the long way
Taking the long way around

My subconscious sucks!

*****warning! I am a little bit tipsy and as a result VERY sensitive. come on in to my pity party….all are welcome!*****

So, I’ve been having all these weird thoughts about pregnancy, right. Well, turns out, one of my best friends, a girl I’ve known since first grade and love to death ,is pregnant. That’s right, I’m going to be an Auntie again. While, in general, I am thrilled, it also is a painful reminder. This girl has done many things that I have yet to do. She’s been married ….TWICE (she’s on #2 and I guarantee he’s a keeper) been divorced (ok…not really wanting to do this one) and is now on her second home she’s owned. Oh yeah, and now she’s pregnant. I know I am a horrible person for not being able to be anything but thrilled at this news…..but DAYUM! What universal law have I broken that finds me in a one bedroom apartment with three neutered animals and a drawer full of cute panties that are seen not nearly enough?!?!?!

To add to my subconscious’ fun with me, the team I played trivia with tonight was named “I love boobies.” Sure–who doesn’t . I should be glad that I wasn’t left alone to fend for myself at trivia and had some folks to play with….but BOOBIES???? This is an area that I am painfuly lacking in. In the last few months I have thought about surgical “enhancements” more then I ever thought I would. But, alas, I would not be happy with that. I’d feel so artificial and since I can hardly deal with the real me most of the time, there’s no way I could live up to some bodacious ta-tas! This has become a bit more of an issue in my head because I feel as though I would be competing with big boobie girls to enter the world of The Player to be Named Later Yes, I know my obsession with him is silly….but still. He’s apparently dated strippers (dubious choice at best) and has a ton of fine ass, big boobied girls who think he is the cat’s pajamas. What would he want with an average girl, with little boobs who laughs really loud, snorts from time to time, has a problem not speaking her mind, likes to paint and analyze song lyrics and loves her dog, her cats, her handbags and shoe shopping more then she should? Seriously….

So here I sit. Jealous of one of my best friends. Intimidated by women who are after a man I don’t even know. Feeling sorry for myself that the best kisses I get involve dog breath. Yet, somehow, still stupidly optimistic and refusing to give up.


Ok, that is all. Nothing more to see here. Move along.


Could I be? I’m craving sauerkraut and fruit tea today. What’s it all mean?

First off, the likely hood of me being pregnant is beyond none, unless I missed something (which would not be cool) or I have been chosen as some sort of vessel for an immaculate conception (which seems like a LOT of responsibility). Regardless, I’m pretty sure (pretty sure = 100%) that I am NOT pregnant and am simply craving odd things.

I had a dream this weekend that a friend was pregnant. She assures me she is not.

What’s up with all the pregnant talk? Could it be guilt about getting Noodle neutered this weekend? I was so damn concerned something would happen to that little guy, I was a wreck until I heard from the vet. But everything went well and the vet techs got a taste of how Noodle tends to get his way 🙂 They had to change his cage 10 times. Is he spoiled? NOOOOO. Not at all. So far the procedure hasn’t seemed to calm him down…which is fine actually. I’m just hoping he won’t ever hump things now.

In “Exciting news from my world!” I put my laundry away this weekend. This may not seem like a big deal, but I went months sleeping on my couch to avoid putting laundry away! To give you an example of how long it has been since I put away laundry…I put away 3 turtleneck sweaters and a pair of corduroy pants. It hasn’t been below 80 in MONTHS! Getting ready this morning was odd….everything was in my closet and dresser…how on earth could I be expected to find anything!

The Player to be Names later has a new myspace pic. It’s so dang cute!!! Yeah, he and I were online the same time yesterday….it’s pretty much meant to be. :p

blogette 2

yeah–this could become a problem.

The player to be named  later….my current boy obsession… uses lots of smileys and says ha ha ha a lot. I like that in a person. I, too, resort to such tools in an attempt to show some emotion on emails, blogs, IMs, texts, etc. Between this, the fact he has access to jumper cables and that cute little mole, it could be love.

Perhaps we should meet? Nah…why ruin a perfect relationship with reality.

That is all. Nothing more to see here. Move along. 🙂 ha ha ha