Think it’s all the pot?

Those wacky folks in Amsterdam have come up with this.

Hello–just go to Tijuana, get someone drunk and toss them in a tub full of ice after taking their kidney—DUH!



Ok–so, as per usual the day after a long weekend, everyone is asking if you did anything fun, etc.  For some reason I respond with, “Eh–nothing much.”

What the hell is wrong with me?  I went to see Pirates 3–which was a blast.  Then went to a WONDERFUL dinner at Sole Mio and the Symphony.  Spent hours playing with my furry friends. Got lots of rest. Watched some Lost.  Watched “Music & Lyrics” (which was mindless entertainment).

Sure, it’s not a trip to the beach or a hot weekend with a hot boy, but it is a cut above the norm.  I think I need to re-evaluate what constitutes a good weekend for me….OY!