Fonts are fun!

Well, some are.  The one discussed in this article isn’t particularly fun.  But it is everywhere.  My boss has a poster in her office that says “I pledge allegiance to Helvetica…..(with a bunch of other stuff that is funny but I don’t want to go in to look at right now)  The last 7 years of my life have had a lot to do with fonts.  I had a client at my old job who would only accept things that used Garamond.  We “jokingly” referred to them as ‘Team Garamond,” they thought it was funny, we were laughing AT them…. it all worked out.

When my mom was my age she didn’t even know about fonts.  That’s some crazy stuff right there!

2 thoughts on “Fonts are fun!

  1. My favorite fonts, in no particular order, are: American Typewriter, Book Antiqua and Georgia. But sometimes I feel a little sassy and go with Futura. But when Grace is feeling extra naughty, she’ll type in Arial Narrow (and Third Person POV).

    I dispise Monotype Corsiva and I don’t trust anyone who uses it frequently. They tend to be too traditional and boring for my tastes.

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