Terrifying Realization

My dog is a “morning dog!”  That’s right, Noodle has all sorts of energy first thing in the morning and it’s making me nuts.  By first thing in the morning, I mean around 4:30.  He barks.  He whines. He jumps on the bed and pushes the cats off.  He licks my toes. He licks my face. He starts the whole process all over again until I get up.  He follows me as I make my drowsy trek to the bathroom. Licks my toes as I turn on the shower.  Helps me dry off my legs when I get out of the shower.  The only time he looks tired (although I think it might be more melancholy) is when I’m blow drying my hair.  It’s then he realizes that I’m about to leave for the day. Once the dryer is off though, he’s back to running around and panting and hopping and smiling.  This all comes to an abrupt halt when I pick up my purse.  He lies down and tilts his head and looks so sad.  I’m pretty sure that once the door closes behind me he falls asleep, no longer feeling sad and saving up energy to do the same thing the next night.

You raise ’em up right and they end up loving the morning!  What’re ya gonna do?


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