Daily Grind

I’ve slept in my bed for the past 3 nights.  For those who get to hear all the randomness of my life, you know that this is a big deal. For almost a year now, I have slept on my couch more then I have in my bed.  This started after I had surgery and couldn’t get in and out of my bed, then it continued when I went through a serious phase of insomnia accompanied with the inability to sleep in my bed because it felt too lonely.  Yeah, mental health and I have a tumultuous relationship sometimes. The last few months I think I’ve been sleeping on the couch out of habit….nothing more, nothing less.

So–the last 3 days are kind of a big deal 🙂 What I have noticed, however, in all this “big girl bed” sleeping is that I grind my teeth.  Lovely!  I have been waking up with headaches and my teeth are all sensitive and yesterday I was awoken at like 3:30 (thanks Noodle!) and my jaw was clenched like my hand clenched on a $20 Kate Spade bag in a sale bin! Great!  This will inevitabely force me to go to the dentist or something, I’m sure of it.  I don’t feel tense in general….what is it all about?  I’m probably more well adjusted right now then I have been in a long time (sure, that might not be saying THAT much–but hey!) 

Maybe this is just a phase and I will be be able to sleep in my big girl bed and NOT have a headache in the morning in no time at all.  I bet this would all be taken care of if there was another person in my bed.  What WOULDN’T be helped by that?  Wait–don’t answer that……….


2 thoughts on “Daily Grind

  1. i think i grind my teeth too. or so i’ve been told by some people. also, sometimes i have dreams about my teeth, and when i wake up in the morning, they hurt like hell! maybe i should do more yoga as suggested….

    as for sleeping on the bed 3-nights straight – CONGRATS! i have fallen asleep on my couch many times; mainly cuz i just looove my couch. but i also love all the space to myself on an empty bed. who needs another person in bed with you, they just take up all your sleeping space…. ;p

    heres to a good nights sleep – cheers!

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