What I want to be when I grow up!

I figured it out!  I know what my dream job would be.  I used to want to manage a band.  I worked closely enough with one to know that it’s not for me. Some of the best times of my life, but DANG!  Anywho– I want to be a music supervisor for TV and film.  One of my favorite things on the planet is to come up with the perfect music for any situation…so it seems like a match made in heaven.

I wouldn’t use my job to prove how cool or avant gard I am (because I am not!) but rather, I would have the perfect mix of up and comers, oldies but goodies and current hits on each project. 

Whenever I listen to music I always think of scenes it would work in, etc…  For example, the Gomez song “See the World” is a perfect song for a driving scene.  Particularly a summer evening drive, just as the sun is going down.  It would work if you were driving in the country or the city.  Driving towards a life change, or away from one.  It just works.

 I’m telling ya, I’d be kick ass at this.  All those mix CDs I’ve given my friends would become collectors items.  Zach Braff would have my ass on speed dial.

 Wow, I know what my dream job is…..it’s about time!


Ok–so, as per usual the day after a long weekend, everyone is asking if you did anything fun, etc.  For some reason I respond with, “Eh–nothing much.”

What the hell is wrong with me?  I went to see Pirates 3–which was a blast.  Then went to a WONDERFUL dinner at Sole Mio and the Symphony.  Spent hours playing with my furry friends. Got lots of rest. Watched some Lost.  Watched “Music & Lyrics” (which was mindless entertainment).

Sure, it’s not a trip to the beach or a hot weekend with a hot boy, but it is a cut above the norm.  I think I need to re-evaluate what constitutes a good weekend for me….OY!

Memorial Day Weekend

So far, the beginning of Summer has been pretty uneventful  The highlight was Sat. night.  A LOVELY dinner at Sole Mio followed by Mancini at the Movies at the Schermerhorn.  Culture, wine, good conversation and additions to the “I Love Nashville” list.  I was struck at one point in the concert with the fact that a few blocks away, there were dozens, if not hundreds, of boys who I can lust after at the Deftones show.  How can I find a boy who would love the Deftones, but not be completely against a night of good food and the symphony?  I know they are out there…..

Other then that, it has been a very lazy weekend at Furry Friends Farm (which is how my apartment feels sometimes) I have noticed that Noodle is very possessive  of me, to the point of mis-behaving.  If I’m giving Kobe or Fergus some attention, he  comes flying up and pushes them away.  It’s gotten to the point that Kobe starts looking around for Noodle and gets kinda tense…poor little fella! But how on Earth am I supposed to explain to Noodle that his unconditional love for me needs to be controlled a bit—–ha ha ha, if only he were human.

They are showing “Band of Brothers” on the History Channel today.  Seems appropriate.  I wonder who owns the rights to “China Beach?”  I LOVED that show and I think there is a whole new audience for it out there.  Perhaps a show about the Vietnam war would hit a little close to home these days.  But then again, maybe we need to hit a little closer to home right now.  Maybe  that would make people realize that to really support our troops, we would want them home.   Each drop of American blood that is shed over there should make us more angry. We no longer are fighting for anything that can be explained.  Iraq is the “money pit” of wars and I, for one, am done throwing good money after bad, and good lives, into it.

Ok, I’ll put my little soap box away now.  Hmmm…..do I get some sun at the pool or get caught up in the “Little People Big World” marathon?

Fonts are fun!

Well, some are.  The one discussed in this article isn’t particularly fun.  But it is everywhere.  My boss has a poster in her office that says “I pledge allegiance to Helvetica…..(with a bunch of other stuff that is funny but I don’t want to go in to look at right now)  The last 7 years of my life have had a lot to do with fonts.  I had a client at my old job who would only accept things that used Garamond.  We “jokingly” referred to them as ‘Team Garamond,” they thought it was funny, we were laughing AT them…. it all worked out.

When my mom was my age she didn’t even know about fonts.  That’s some crazy stuff right there!

Buddhist thought for the day.

OK–I’m not a buddhist.  But I do get a Buddhist thought of the day courtesy of the fine folks on my Google homepage.  This is the thought for today:

 Holding onto anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else; you are the one who gets burned. – Buddha

Amen, wait–what is the Buddhist equivalent of Amen?  Anyway…. I have been purging myself of many hot coals lately.  And not by throwing them at others.  Being angry and hurt by other people is a waste of time and ultimately only makes me more hurt and angry.  I have had some “interesting” times in the last year and have learned a lot about myself and my friends.  The main thing I have learned is that we are all better people then we know and that, even when we hurt each other, we still care.  Since it seems as though my teeth grinding may be helped by meditation (thanks Gwac!) perhaps I need to look into this Buddhist thing more.  Afterall, if it’s good enough for Duncan Sheik, it’s good enough for me!

New Obsession

Ok–so my new obsession is a boy–no really. But he has some sub-obsessions that come along with him (don’t they all!). Through my obsessing over him, I have been introduced to this. It feeds my love for creative people, cuteness, t-shirts and control. You can not only buy things, but you get to vote on the the designs to determine what will get printed. Oh–and if you need to kill some time, vote and then read the designer interviews–good stuff.

I am behind the times on this….eh, what’s new. But it’s fun.